Climbing is the best way to explore movement in the amazing outdoors!

  • Personalised climbing guide for all abilities including first timers

  • Transition from the climbing gym to real rock

  • Learn the techniques of belaying, lead climbing, setting anchors, placing natural gear and multi-pitch climbing

  • Fully Qualified Guide

  • Venues include Mt Keira, Nowra, Point Perpendicular and cliffs around Sydney

  • Transport available by request

Rock Climbing Rates

Payment by bank deposit is also accepted upon enquiry.

No. of people4321
Rock climbing for half day
(4hrs) booking for…
$130 pp$155 pp$180 pp$240 pp
Rock climbing for full day
(8hrs) booking for…
$190 pp$245 pp$300 pp$420 pp
Rock climbing per hour
booking for…
$32.5 pp$40 pp$45 pp$60 pp

Please contact regarding groups larger than 4.

Note: Transport available, Mt Keira $10 pp, Nowra $20 pp, Point Perpendicular $30 pp. For other cliffs please contact us. Pick up and drop off from your Wollongong accomodation or train station.

Climbing is an all-encompassing, exhilarating experience for people of all ages and abilities. It provides the perfect opportunity to experience the outdoors in a challenging and thrilling manner.

Climbing is a demanding sport. It requires physical capabilities such as strength and endurance. It also demands the development of special skills such as technique, balance, problem solving, hold recognition and psychological focus. Both fitness and skills must be used in situations of risk rolled together with fear anxiety and stress.
As a personalised experience, climbing can be suited to your needs whilst also providing the opportunity to improve physical qualities including strength, endurance, cardiovascular capacity as well as flexibility and overall body composition. Simultaneously, the sport requires individuals to confront and overcome their own psychological limitations to deal with fear, motivation and failure associated with the climb. In combining both physical and mental demands, PaddleRock clients learn skills that are easily translatable to everyday life.
Whether it be El Capitan in Yosemite National Park or the cliffs surrounding the beautiful Illawarra region, climbing can be experienced in any location to satisfy the innate urge within humans to gain perspective, see vast horizons and become lost in a world of imagination at the top of a rocky peak.
Over the years especially with the prevalence of climbing and bouldering gyms people have been exposed to much information about physical fitness training for climbing. Techniques to improve strength, endurance, cardiovascular capacity, flexibility, body composition to name a few. Alongside this has been the emergence of the psychological game of dealing with fear, self-image, motivation and failure. With the exponential growth in participants what are the impacts of all the hype?
The big question is how do these things translate to real life situations on rock? Rock climbing is a sport that is inherently dangerous. There is only so much books, magazines, websites and YouTube can enable you to do. You should not depend solely on information gleaned from these sources for your personal safety. Sports that have minimal consequence for example soccer if you fall over or experiment with different kicking styles will not leave you in a potential life or death predicament. Rock climbing outdoors will.
With rock climbing outside good decision making and consequence is entwined with the whole experience. There is no substitute for personal instruction with rock climbing. Your climbing safety depends on your own judgement based on competent instruction, experience and a realistic assessment of your own climbing ability. This is why you should engage with a qualified guide / instructor. Information that you source from other avenues should only supplement competent personal instruction from a guide.
PaddleRock provides the qualifications, experience and teaching ability to enable clients with instruction to climb independently, without compromising safety. With over 25 years of global climbing experience, our instructors have a passion and willingness to share their skills and technique with clients to ensure a positive, life-changing experience. We hold safety in the highest regard, ensuring qualified guides/instructors who can provide competent instruction with a realistic assessment of your own climbing ability. Rest assured that minimising our environmental impact of our presence in the wildlife is also of paramount importance to us. We adhere to the highest ethical standards for sustainable climbing for individuals and growth of the sport.
This is where PaddleRock comes into play. We have the qualifications, experience and teaching ability to enable clients with instruction to be proficient and to climb safely independently. We take a big picture approach to our teaching adhering to the highest ethical and environmental standards for sustainable climbing for individuals and growth of the sport.
It is vital that people engaging in climbing activity recognise what appropriate equipment is, how to use it and is it acceptable for the application.
So are you ready to feel the joy, satisfaction and sense of proudness that can only be achieved through summiting a face of rock? Come join us at PaddleRock for an experience of a lifetime that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and create memories not easily forgotten. We can’t wait to see you soon.

Contact or 0421 916 492 to book or enquire about a customised climbing experience.