SUP is amazing for improving your physical and mental well being.

  • Come and join Paddle Rock for a fantastic experience on the water.

  • Coaching for first timers right through to experienced paddlers

  • Flater water

  • Open ocean

  • Beginner surfing

  • All equipment supplied

  • Fully qualified Level 3 SUP coach

  • Variety of locations used and tailored to weather conditions

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Rates

Payment by bank deposit is also accepted upon enquiry.

SUP Lessons

No. of people87654321
1 Hour Lesson$25 pp$30 pp$35 pp$40 pp$45 pp$55 pp$65 pp$95 pp

Note: Our stand up paddle boarding lesson pricing includes free equipment hire.

SUP Hire

Up to 6 boards availablePrice per board
1 Hour Hire$20
Half Day (4 Hours)$60
Full Day (8 Hours)$80
Want to be part of a phenomenon that is spreading throughout the globe? Why not try stand-up paddle boarding (SUP).

An experience for all ages, SUP is the perfect gift and a well-rounded, fun activity for all ages. At PaddleRock, we cater for all abilities to enjoy the experience with all equipment supplied. For inexperienced stand-up paddle boarders, we offer coaching from a qualified instructor and the experience on flat, protected waters, and for those with some experience we utilise open ocean venues to surfing small waves.

At PaddleRock we also offer paddle boarding in a variety of locations based on your ability to create a unique, personalised experience that doesn’t compromise your safety.

Not only does SUP provide you with photos that are guaranteed to make your friends jealous, but it also is a fantastic opportunity to work on your physical and mental well-being.

Test out your balance skills, core and arm strength when learning, and once you’ve got the hang of it, enjoy the tranquillity and vitalising qualities of the water, and let those thoughts wash over you just as the waves do. You might even enjoy the company of some marine life as you paddle your way to a healthier you.

In conjunction with the paddling clients learn about all aspects with the SUP boards , paddles and accessory equipment. Safety and hazard awareness is paramount in the outdoor aquatic environment. PaddleRock ensures all safety precautions are taken prior and during the activity to give participants a challenging yet safe experience. Instructors will teach parcipants all about the characteristics of closed and open water environments, etiquette of SUPing and how to implement sustainable natural and social environmental impact practices.

So, what’s not to like about stand-up paddle boarding? It encompasses everything you could possibly want in an oceanic outing at an outstanding price. Make your next outdoor adventure include a SUP experience from PaddleRock, we can’t wait to see you soon.

Contact or 0421 916 492 to book or enquire about a personalised SUP experience.